Forge Collaborative Brewing

Responsible for graphics (digital and hand crafted visuals).

Presented at Aspen Properties with the help of Vivacity.
Awarded as the Most Promising Project.

After having our concept statement and business planning presented to a number of judges, we were tasked to build an installation of what our space will look like. We had to turn a cubic office space into a brewery with a $750 budget. The space were surrounded with brick wall paper, industrial pipes for further wayfinding, decorated windows showing where different local breweries can be found. We had a lot of help from the brewing industry providing us small equipments and materials to create an “a-ha!” experience for our audience. Interactivity was also presented through providing audience’s with ‘name your own beer’ stickers and role playing of non-alcoholic testers “made” by Forge’s customers (just like what we’ll be doing in the actual space).

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Mock Business: Production Design

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    • Brainstorming
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